Nude Ninja 裸の忍者
Internet homepage of a nudie in 🇦🇺

Hello there, welcome to 🥷🏽’s homepage

My Hobbies & Interests

  • Following Jesus
  • Software development
  • Digital privacy
  • Naturism, clothes-free living
  • 🖥 Self-hosting
  • 💿 Collecting music CDs
  • 🎧 Audiophile, headphones

I’m a big fan & active user of Free & Opensource Software (FOSS) & Fediverse.


My Internet Persona

I am the founder of Nudie.Social - Clothing-Optional Social Network.

Nudie.Social welcomes everyone who’s interested in naturism, nudism, and clothes-free living.

Nudie.Social currently offers the following services:

Our services are non-commercial (i.e. free to use) and federated on the Fediverse. We have a TOS and Community Guidelines.

3rd party hosted services:

Official PeerTube channel, Nudie.Social Tube, is hosted by Software Liberty Association of Taiwan (SLAT).

Fediring: Webring for Fediverse Users



Retronaut Webring



Hotline Webring


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